Emerald Outdoors

Emerald Outdoors
Region: Co. Kerry, Kenmare
Towns: Kenmare
Emerald Outdoors offers spectacular guided tours of Kenmare Bay by kayak; as the highest-rated activity and tour in the Kenmare area, this is one that should not be missed! Book online today to experience a relaxing morning tour or bioluminescent night trip for yourself.
Highlights include:
  • Simply being | relax, slow down, and enjoy being on the water | ground yourself in the moment
  • Change it up | Escape the daily pressures of life | Revel in the magic of nature
  • Wildlife | Surround yourself with melodious bird calls | Find yourself amidst curious seals
  • Bioluminescence | Experience the incredible wonder of natural phosphorescence on a night trip
  • Guides | experienced | qualified | exceptionally high safety standards | passionate | caring
  • Change your viewpoint | Ireland is at its most dramatic and beautiful when viewed from the sea

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